John Ghobrial

July 13, 2020

Apostles Feast

صوم الرسل هو صوم خاص بالخدمة والكنيسة ونتعلم لزوم الصوم للخدمة، ونفعه لها، ونري عمل الروح القدسفيه. يبدأ هذا الصومبعد مرور أسبوع على عيد العنصرة.ويعد هذا الصوم من أصوام […]
June 28, 2020

Mahragan El Kereza

Mahragan El Keraza  is an initiative by the Coptic Orthodox Church, under the leadership of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, and was established by the late […]
June 26, 2020

Hos Erof Team

Hos Erof Team is not just any choir group, it is a choir group just for hymns and melodies. Hos Erof means praise Him in Coptic. […]
June 26, 2020

Saint Mina’s kids’ choir

Saint Mina’s kids’ choir is a team for the kids, a chance for them to express their singing and instrument playing talent. The choir focuses on […]
June 26, 2020

Homeless Service

The Homeless Service started with a few churches in Montreal and then started growing. The churches join together and help the poor in downtown Montreal and […]
June 25, 2020

St Paul’s Bible Study Academy

St Paul’s Bible Study Academy is a service that is given all over the diocese. This service prepares the youth on how to read their Bible, […]
June 25, 2020

Kid’s Club (Nady)

The Kid’s Club is a club where the kids gather together from ages 1 to 12 to have fun. The church offers the kids many toys […]
June 25, 2020


EL-AGAYBY team is a theatre team that present every year an amazing show with different topics affecting our daily lives. The point of this service is […]